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TIPSAN Joint Stock Company has taken the quality concept in its manufacturing, performed in the required national and international standards, under the responsibility of all its employees, by accepting its customers as business partners in the national and international markets.

As required by ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance System Certificate and ISO EN 13485 (CE Mark) certificate, all our personnel act in accordance with the documents formed in the production stages, whereas the quality assurance personnel periodically controls the functioning system.

In the controls performed by all our personnel, quality measurement techniques and equipments which meet the contemporary technological requirements are utilized. The primary duty of our Quality Assurance Department is to check if the product inputs acquired from domestic or international basis meet the defined criteria. In fact, our personnel who work according to the philosophy of error minimization with improving activities continuously, and our quality in the production inputs, when brought together with our technology, provide the quality of our products.

Another task of our Quality Assurance Department is to reflect the system quality to the product quality, by developing common solution suggestions with our national and international suppliers.

As a result of the actions started in 1998, in accordance with the Quality Assurance System certificate which we have possessed since 1999, our error rate which does not go over 0.1 % according to the statistical investigation results proves that quality is assured in TIPSAN Joint Stock Company.

As the employees of TIPSAN;
With the consciousness to serve human health,
-We work, coordinate, and help each other, to
-Continuously develop and improve ourselves and our quality management system, and to perform our duty right, complete, and on time.

Our company, which believes with its quality slogan that the real investment is on humans, as it is on technology, contributes to the health sector with its dynamic structure, and holds the rightful honor of serving human health.

TIPSAN Joint Stock Company manages its production program by an oracle and windows-based computer program written by our data processing department which can display integrated function among all departments, in accordance with todays market conditions and customer requests. All our production and registration systems are followed in electronic environments within the mentioned program.

Customer satisfaction is provided by use of Unigraphics computer-supported design programs (CAD) in realization of the production programs constituted, along with conventional frames, and by combination of the technological advantages of our CNC frames with the hand workmanship of our experienced personnel.

With the machine park and technological facilities we have, CrNiMo Stainless Steel, TI6AI4V Titanium, and CrCoMo alloys are produced in accordance with the processing techniques, and the implant quality standards as required by our sector.

Our products are packaged in the Cleen Room within our company in sterile or non-sterile conditions, and labeled by laser technology in accordance with the customer requests, and with the present standards.